Used for placement of all Cortex Dental Implants

Synthe-Bone is a range of bone replacement products made of Tricalcium β-Phosphate

Ideal for soft or regenerated bone D4 / D5

Minimally Invasive Implant Integrated System For Edentulous

Hágase Distribuidor de Cortex

Ø Codificación de color

Blanco - Ø3.00 mm
Amarillo - Ø3.30 mm
Rojo- Ø3.80 mm
Azul Ø4.20 mm
Verde- Ø5.00 mm
Negro - Ø6.00 mm
Oro - Ø3.00 mm
Turquesa- Ø3.30 mm, Ø3.80 mm, Ø4.20 mm
Rosa- Ø5.00 mm, Ø6.00 mm
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Guide pin 10 mm

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